Why the sudden return?

I'm trying to reconnect with lost friends, old acquaintances and distant rivals and enemies.

So that I can remember who they are better, what happened between us, etcetera.

I'm starting on my memoirs :)
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I think I am going to ditch this LJ. I think I will just post more over at my blog @ basementcoder.com instead. What little I post here anyway seems to just get glossed over.

So yeah. I won't cancel it, i'll just let it rot.
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Pato Fu

O que é isso?
O que é isso?
O que é isso?
O que é isso?

Um quebra-cabeça
É todo saber
Um nunca me esqueça
Um ser ou não ser

Palavra cruzada
Um bem contra o mal
Tônica trocada
Um não ter final

Uma encruzilhada
Uma quase morte
Um monte de nada
Ou falta de sorte

Um sonho confuso
Tv desligada
Brinquedo sem uso
Memória apagada
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    Pato Fu - O que é isso?


I'm sitting here, in the Costa Coffee in Terminal 4, updating my journal~

Airport is fun, if busy. Overpriced sandwiches are a Go. So is BTopenzone intarwebs. :x

In 10-ish hours time, I will hopefully be in the arms of my lovely cookiebus.

I am amazingly excited.

Airports ruuuule. :3

Though would rule harder if they had airships.

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So there's this local kid right? Dad occasionally gives him a smoke, but he has his habit of hammering on the door, at like 8pm, usually waking me up.

So.. today he does it. I go down, answer it. See it's him and close the door.
A minute later, he does it again, so I go downstairs and fill a glass with water.
He goes, "Is your dad there?"
I go, "You look like you're on fire mate" and throw the water over him, then slam the door.

I feel liberated and scared. It's the first time, ever, I have gotten my own back, on anyone (Actually physically).

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